Web Services

Web services are the solution for ensuring disparate applications communicate with each other in a stateless way. We programs REST ful APIs to interface and integrate numerous apps, protocols and services together across your entire web app ecosystem. From IoT devices to mobile apps and anything in between, our custom web services programming scales to any size business.

Today’s global Internet environment is a muddled mix of different operating systems utilising different technologies and different protocols. This mixture creates significant barriers for applications to communicate with each other. In order to overcome these barriers, applications need to understand each other’s protocols, security measures and language. Web services technology was created in order to accomplish this. It uses XML technology that allows applications to invoke application calls with one another. This format was designed to pass existing security measures, to be platform-independent, and to support any application call structure.

The advent of Web services has created an opportunity for organisations to solve the challenges of integrating corporate applications and information. There is a real danger that in the rush to deploy and use Web services applications, companies will expose their systems to costly attacks.